Thriller Genre

A captivating suspense thriller

A creepy crime thriller

AVARICE - a Scottish detective crime thriller

BLUE DIAMONDS - a gripping suspense

BONE BABY a new emotional suspense thriller

BROWN BREAD - a dark comedy

DEAD CERTAINTY a murder mystery

DEAD HILL - new detective fiction


DELIVERANCE a gripping action thriller

DEPTHS OF DECEPTION - psychological suspense

Detective fiction - the first in a new series

DUPLICITY a Scottish mystery

ENDGAME - a military thriller

Enmity - A Scandinavian style police procedural

FALLING FOUL - private investigator fiction


HIGH PROFILE - short stories on the edge

KISS THE GIRLS - a gripping crime thriller

LAND OF PLENTY - thrilling action adventure

LEAVING GEORGE - a gripping suspense


MOBIUS - a tale of sex and violence

MORE THAN EVEN - an enthralling British police procedural novel

New Scandinavian fiction

New suspense thriller: BACKWOODS RIPPER

ONE UP ON YOU - new British crime fiction

ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG - a serial killer thriller

PICTURES OF YOU - psychological suspense thriller

Popular women's crime fiction

RAZORBACK - thrilling heist crime fiction

Retribution Ridge - horror in the Outback

RUNNER - a gripping action thriller

SALFORD MURDERS: The Private Investigator Gus Keane trilogy

SENTINEL - great british detective fiction

SHE - a Scottish detective thriller set in London

SOUTHSIDE HUSTLE - kindle crime fiction

STRANGE BODIES - an enthralling technothriller

STRANGE LITTLE GIRL - a murder mystery

SURGE - a cyberpunk thriller

TACKLING DEATH - a private eye mystery

TERMINUS - mystery fiction

THE NUMBERS GAME - a British detective novel

THE VIXEN'S SCREAM - new mystery fiction set in The Pennines

THE WATER TRADE - a Triad thriller


TO DIE ALONE murder mystery

UNDER THE COLD STONES - a suspense thriller

You're Dead - murder trilogy

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