STRANGE BODIES – an enthralling technothriller

Antonia Marlowe

Pages: 283

Tortured, and brutally murdered, the bodies of the Richardsons hang from a tree deep in the forests of the Blue Mountains

Australia in 2067, an oasis in a world which has barely survived climate change, terrorism and food wars. The Richardsons’ deaths are just two of several brutal murders to be unearthed.

With local police stumped, former Scotland Yard Commander Nicholas Adams and his team are called in. But even with the extensive surveillance of central computer BigSys and the pervasive eyes of cameras that cover so much of the country, no clues are found.

It will take the skills of the attractive computer wizard Verity Burne to uncover the links between the homicides. But at what cost?

STRANGE BODIES is a gripping detective thriller you won't be able to put down by Australian author Antonia Marlowe. Check out her romantic thriller BLUE DIAMONDS also available on kindle.