SOUTHSIDE HUSTLE – kindle crime fiction

Lou Holly

Pages: 264
Paperback: £9.99
ISBN: 1533115494
Size: 2x8 in
Pages: 354

Published: 03/30/2016
Publisher: The Book Folks

When a Mexican gang threatens his son, ex-con Patrick Halloran must turn back to crime.

Ex-con Patrick Halloran is trying to get a job and go straight. He missed out on his child’s early years, now all he wants is to spend more time with him.
However, under pressure to pay off a debt, and unwilling to turn snitch, Patrick takes a risk, and ends up on the wrong side of a Mexican gang.
Having to raise cash quickly takes Patrick straight back into Chicago’s dangerous underworld where life is cheap and deeper and deeper into an impossible predicament and an offer he can’t refuse.