Popular women’s crime fiction

Diane Dickson

ISBN: B012O0WI62
Pages: 210

A gripping crime thriller that has you on the edge of your seat

Sally’s comfortable life crashes to pieces when her boyfriend Daniel goes missing. She calls everybody, even his boss. He has gone without a trace.

Suspicious and deeply worried she goes out looking for him. But the more she searches, the more she discovers a dark underworld of lies, crime and murder she had no idea really existed…

Reviews:Gail S Cleare on Amazon wrote:

This story grabbed me right away with the mystery of what happened to Sally's partner, Dan, who has simply disappeared in the middle of the night. A few subtle clues lead her to believe he hasn't just left her, but is in serious trouble, so she sets off to rescue him. In the tradition of classic female sleuths, Sal finds the courage and ingenuity to foil the bad guys, solve the mystery and get back her "normal" life. Lots of action keeps the pace of this smooth read fast and furious, pushing us along toward the satisfying conclusion. Excellent book!