RAZORBACK – thrilling heist crime fiction

Lou Holly

Editions:Kindle - First kindle edition: £1.99
Pages: 227

Published: 08/15/2017
Publisher: The Book Folks

When a drifter rolls up into a small town, will he make it big or leave with nothing?

Ex-con Vint’s tongue is as sharp as the cut throat razor he carries. And he is more than ready to use both of them.

When Vint stands up to some local bullies he quickly wins a reputation as a go-to man for some muscle or a fall guy for the locals' schemes.

He sees an opportunity to make some money quick, but can his new friends be trusted?

The local marshal wants him out of town but - cynical, calculating and cruel - Vint is not budging until he takes his all.

The question is, in a town full of vipers, who is swindling whom? And will he get out alive?