Denver Murphy

Editions:Kindle - Box set: £2.99
Pages: 1032

Four absolutely gripping novels about maverick West Indian detective Ruby Knight.

Rookie detective DC Ruby Knight lands a difficult case on her first day when a man is viciously assaulted in an acid attack. Frustrated with her aged and dishevelled partner, she tries to hunt down the culprit. But the risk is that she’ll dive headlong into danger herself.

Having made an impression with her first case, DC Ruby Knight begins an investigation into a spate of burglaries in St. Albans. However, as they become increasingly violent, she is put under more and more pressure to bring the culprits in. But her efforts are scuppered when she suddenly has a murder on her hands.

When a teenaged boy is found hanging from a tree in a park, DC Ruby Knight suspects it is not the suicide her colleagues presume it to be. But alienated from her team and under pressure from her chief, she’ll have a hard time convincing them they are dealing with murder. Can she follow her instincts and catch the killer, or will her maverick antics get her the boot?

When a girl is attacked on her way home after a night out, DC Ruby Knight is determined to prevent another incident. But the community quickly take matters into their own hands. The young detective is forced to question her own sense of right and wrong when revenge tries to trump justice.

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DENVER MURPHY is the author of the bestselling cop-turns-serial killer trilogy that begins with ONE STEP AHEAD and is available in the collected version CAT AND MOUSE. All his books are available in single editions on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon.