MOBIUS – a tale of sex and violence

ISBN: B008C9J2F0
Pages: 275

Published: 08/01/2012
Publisher: The Book Folks

A dark, sexy, mind-blowing mystery, a journey into the most perverse reaches of human behaviour

Beautiful young Londoner, Katherine Markham, goes to wild, dangerous parties in the name of research. She has drifted away from her Oxford studies and takes part in orgies where the rich, beautiful, and bored play in perverse decadence. One night in Mayfair she meets newbie Nick, a marketing executive trying to escape his dull job and sex life. After a brief encounter in the pool, they are witness to a sadistic ritual in which a young woman is murdered.

The next day Katherine finds a mysterious tattoo on her stomach. It is the first of a series of strange events leading her on a journey to uncover a terrifying conspiracy. This book is suitable for adults only.