THE GIRL FROM KILKENNY – murder mystery suspense

Pete Brassett

Editions:Kindle - First kindle crime fiction edition: £1.99
Pages: 189
Paperback - First paperback crime fiction edition: £5.99
ISBN: 1520599021
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 189

Published: 09/27/2015
Publisher: The Book Folks

Detectives in a sleepy Irish town are baffled by a string of murders and a missing girl

Who was Nancy McBride and where did she disappear to?

The cold-blooded murder of an American tourist in his hotel room has Detectives Hanagan and Molloy looking for a killer and a motive. But when the clues begin to point to the unimaginable, a story of loss, betrayal, and vengeance begins to unfold.

If you like psychological suspense fiction with a twist THE GIRL FROM KILKENNY is for you.

Pete Brassett is the author of several works of literary fiction, all of which are available on Kindle.

Reviews:Brian Borgford on Goodreads wrote:

Kept me in suspense the whole time. One of the few books that I couldn't put down til finished. Loved the characters and vivid descriptions. The vernacular was delightful. Although the story let you know who was the murderer and why, I was kept guessing up until the somewhat surprising ending.