Anna Willett

Editions:Kindle - second digital edition: £1.99
Pages: 209
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: 1520816162
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 223
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A country drive quickly turns into a nightmare for newly-weds Paige and Hal Loche

When you are in the bush, pregnant, and your husband is hurt what do you do? Will you trust just about anyone?

When their car gets a flat tyre in the Australian outback, it should be a simple job for capable Hal to fix. His wife pregnant, he sets to it. But an accident befalls him, leaving him immobilized. Paige is now their only hope of getting out of the bush.

“How the cruelty of a stranger changes a couple’s life for ever.”

When Paige chances upon a stranger, it seems her prayers are answered. But the stranger doesn’t want to help. She wants something else, and it’s not Paige’s husband. Hal is expendable, piece by piece it seems, but her baby isn’t.

What will Paige do to protect her unborn child, and at what price?

“If you like Stephen King’s Misery, you’ll love this book.”

If you enjoy gripping suspenseful thriller fiction, BACKWOODS RIPPER is for you.