Iain Henn

Editions:Kindle - First digital edition: £1.99
Pages: 383
Paperback - First paperback edition: £8.99
ISBN: ‎978-1804620595
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 348

A detective investigates a seemingly impossible crime

When Jennifer Parkes’s husband, Brian, disappears one rainy night, her world is torn apart.

After years of fruitless searching, she gives up hope and gets on with her life – raising her daughter and building a successful fashion brand.

Yet eighteen years later, out of the blue, Brian’s body is found right around the corner. He looks no older and he’s wearing the same rain-soaked clothes, although the weather has been fine for weeks. It’s as if he’s just stepped out of the past and been hit by a car.

Indefatigable detective Neil Lachlan, recently moved to homicide, takes on the case. But he has his hands full with the investigation of a serial killer targeting joggers on Sydney’s streets.

Could Brian’s disappearance all those years ago be the key to catching him? Or will Jennifer and her daughter’s need to know the truth add a cruel twist to the story?

DEAD SET ON MURDER is the first book by Australian talent Iain Henn to be published by The Book Folks. It was previously published as "Disappear" in 2012.

Other books by the same author include THE PIPER'S CHILDREN and THE GREATEST BETRAYAL.