Martyn Taylor

Editions:Kindle - First digital edition: £1.99
Pages: 260
Paperback - First paperback edition: £7.99
ISBN: 978-1804622025
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 238

Published: 04/15/2024
Publisher: The Book Folks

The past catches up with a mobster who has tried to go clean. 

When the head of an organized crime gang who had become a respectable businessman is found dead by shotgun in his home, the police force know it can’t be suicide. 

Barry Dancer was a man of many talents, including getting in trouble. But he had given up crime to build a business empire and leave a legacy to his wife and children. 

There is no shortage of people who could have wanted “The Dancer” dead. And Detective Inspector Penelope Darling is not afraid of ruffling a few feathers to get to the truth. 

Darling knows a trip down memory lane in the Newcastle criminal underworld is on the cards but her adversary has a few tricks up their sleeve. Can she bring the killer to justice? 

IN THE FAMILY is the first in a brand-new series of crime fiction titles by Martyn Taylor. If you like thrillers with a tinge of noir and some humour, you’ll enjoy his books. 

Look out for MEN IN SUITS, the second book in this series available soon from Amazon.