THE FALL OF CAMELOT – Arthurian trilogy finale

Lavinia Collins

Part of the THE MORGAN TRILOGY series:
Pages: 202

A thrilling and dramatic finale to this fascinating Arthurian Trilogy

Having lost a son and a lover, Morgan continues on her quest to destroy King Arthur. With Guinevere on the scene, she is patient and cunning and plants the seeds of jealousy.

But Mordred, Arthur’s illegitimate child, who has the dark powers of the Otherworld, is also restless for his father’s crown.

The mighty Camelot is under threat, war lingers on the horizon, and lives will be lost...

If you enjoy Arthurian fantasy and medieval romance you will love this final book in the Morgan trilogy.

Reviews:Paula Rodgers on Goodreads wrote:

Well written, believable characters of old favourites. The Arthurian legends are timeless and no matter how well you know them this book will pull you back in.

Gio on History and Other Thoughts wrote:

The last book in the Morgan trilogy, The Fall Of Camelot is a dark, gripping tale of love and betrayal, intrigues and death, loss and forgiveness. Beautifully written, you won't be able to put it down.