Lavinia Collins

Pages: 186

A captivating story of medieval romance, jealousy and revenge

Completely abandoned by everyone she trusted and sold into marriage with the vile Uriens to please her brother, King Arthur, Morgan sits alone in Rheged Castle. A burning desire for revenge on everyone grows inside her.
Most of all, however, she hates Arthur. So when he unwittingly asks her to look after his sword Excalibur, she senses an opportunity.
But Morgan will have to overcome the trickery of Merlin, and summon all of her otherworldly powers to return to Camelot and vanquish her enemies.

THE CURSE OF EXCALIBUR is the second book of THE MORGAN TRILOGY. It can be enjoyed on its own or read after the first book, THE WITCHES OF AVALON.

Reviews:Mr B on Goodreads wrote:

Fantastic follow-up to the witches of avalon - the plot (and Morgan!) gets more intense! I am really enjoying the dark, magical tone of this series. I like the fact that the magic is central to the plot, but doesn't lead it, the focus is still on Morgan's personality. Also, plenty of plot twists and intrigue, as well as appearances from some of my favourite Lavinia Collins characters!