Sabina Manea

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Pages: 153
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ISBN: 978-1913516185
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 198

Can ex-lawyer turned civilian investigator Lucia Steer solve an impossible murder?

The apparent cool, calm and collectedness of a relationship counsellor, or ‘coach’ as Alec Penney called himself, is dealt a severe blow when he ends up dead on his office floor.

For all his sage advice, Alec Penney apparently electrocuted himself on a dodgy coffee maker. Well, at least that’s the theory until Lucia Steer, civilian investigator with Kentish Town CID, visits the scene.

Female intuition combined with an eagle eye leads Steer to convince senior detective DCI David Carliss that a murder has taken place.

Out of the many people seen going in and out of the office just before the estimated time of death, who was responsible?
Can Steer work out the mystery before the killer covers their tracks?

MURDER ON THE HEATH is the second standalone whodunnit in a series of mysteries set in North London by Sabina Manea. The full list is as follows:

  1. Murder in Hampstead
  2. Murder on the Heath
  3. Murder in Kentish Town
  4. Murder in Primrose Hill

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