Sabina Manea

Editions:Kindle - First digital edition: £1.99
Pages: 206
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: ‎978-1913516192
Pages: 220

A murder disguised as suicide presents a challenge for a sharp investigator.

When London police come across the body of a young woman, dead in her bathtub, it looks like a classic case of suicide.

However, for deft civilian investigator Lucia Steer, something about the scene raises suspicions. Sure, the woman, Genevieve Taylor, was lonely and overworked, but Lucia is convinced there is a more sinister explanation.

As a young associate in a law firm that helps fraudsters escape justice, Genevieve may have been the victim of an old client with an axe to grind.

Or could one of the eccentric members of the literary club she frequented have put an end to her promising life?

With multiple suspects in the frame Lucia, herself an ex-lawyer, must cut through veils of secrecy to catch a killer.

MURDER IN KENTISH TOWN is the third classic style whodunnit set in north London by the exceptionally talented young writer, Sabina Manea. Check out the others in the series!

  1. Murder in Hampstead
  2. Murder on the Heath
  3. Murder in Kentish Town
  4. Murder in Primrose Hill

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