Charles Westmont

Charles Westmont
Charles Westmont was raised in the countryside of Geneva by a romantic mother, who instilled in her son her craving for the marvelous and an acute sensitivity for emotions, in oneself and others. The influences of his grandmother, a proficient pianist, and of his self-educated grandfather, a brilliant artisan and a supporter of the arts, reinforced these attributes.

He benefited of seven years of classical education in French at an international boarding school. The curriculum covered a broad spectrum of the arts and sciences, offered by the Jesuits, in the post war years. While in boarding school, a severe illness prevented the author from pursuing sporting activities for a few years. These empty times were replaced by the devouring of an entire library, with a preference for literature and history.

The author completed university degrees in arts and business. Early in his career, he associated with professionals of diverse training and backgrounds, who joined his quest for the Golden Fleece. For more than forty years, the group promoted and developed ventures, on many continents, covering a broad spectrum of achievements in the fields of leisure, healthcare, urban development and technology. Under his leadership, many of the projects stand as notable successes.

The author perfected his English from exposure in the military service and the business world. His professional activities commanded equal time for communicating and writing in French and English. With the able support of his executive assistant, a graduate of English, French and Spanish literature, he was able to refine his skill to an acceptable level. His writing style blends a French literary education with spoken English and the universal language of the soul.

The author began writing privately to fill the void and loneliness of constant international travel over forty years. He was motivated to renew his pen when he began spending more of his free time in the exalting natural wonders of the US/Canada border. The marvel of a passionate love relationship inspired this first novel.
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