Charles Westmont

Part of the The Labyrinth of Passion series:
Pages: 127

Published: 07/19/2014
Publisher: The Book Folks

The evocative story of a beautiful young woman's journey of self discovery

Justine's early life, and the beginnings of her passionate journey are recounted in this first book of the epic romantic trilogy The Labyrinth of Passion. The ancient Egyptian origins of Justine's unearthly ardour are discovered as is her immediate background - which transports the reader to war-time France, the Dordogne, Corsica and other exotic locations.

If you enjoy spell-binding locations, deep involving characters and passion, you will love this book.

DYAD and TRYAD, the other books in the trilogy, are also available on kindle. THE LABYRINTH OF PASSION can also be purchased in a single volume at a great price.