Julie Highmore

Editions:Kindle - First digital edition: £1.99
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: 978-1804620878
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 183

Published: 05/30/2023
Publisher: The Book Folks

More side-splitting amateur sleuthing in Oxford...

Private eye Edie Fox wishes she could be half as glamorous and successful as her new client, Jessica Relish, who comes into her floundering detective agency in search of her missing husband Hugh.

However, what starts off as a missing person case quickly takes a turn for the worse. When the handsome, charming, and much younger Hugh turns up dead in a wood, murdered, Edie is determined to discover who had it in for him.

As the hunt to discover the truth begins and the list of suspects grows, Edie juggles work, chaotic home renovations, trying friendships, and a new relationship.

Can Edie fight her self-destructive impulses and find the peace of mind to see the wood for the trees? Or will the killer benefit from all her distractions and get off scot-free?

THE RUNAWAY HUSBAND is the second book in a series of hilarious cozy mysteries by bestselling author Julie Highmore. Look out for the first, THE MISSING AMERICAN, and the third, THE GHOSTWRITER'S STUDY, also FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback from Amazon.

These standalone mysteries are perfect for fans of Richard Osman, Jesse Sutanto, Rachel Ward, and T E Kinsey!