Diane Dickson

Editions:Kindle - First collected edition: £2.99
Pages: 694

Published: 12/13/2022
Publisher: The Book Folks

Three totally gripping detective mysteries in one super-value box set.

Enter the crime-solving world of DI Tanya Miller, a career-driven detective who won't let anyone get close to her. She may struggle to maintain harmony in her team but she is tenacious when it comes to preventing perpetrators of the worst possible crimes get off the hook.

An eerie corpse dressed as a bride, a killer playing a macabre game, and a woman detective prepared to follow her instincts. Enter DI Tanya Miller, the missing persons specialist brought in to investigate the disappearance of a woman from a motorway services. Someone is playing a sick game, and she’s determined to catch him, no matter what it takes.

An investigation into a warehouse fire turns into a murder inquiry when a streetwalker’s body is found. DI Tanya Miller assembles her team but is drawn away when her niece goes missing. Juggling the two cases, can she find the errant teenager with a killer on the loose?

Two golfers find a decapitated corpse. Other body parts turn up later. Forensics are confronted with a gruesome jigsaw puzzle. Who is doing the killing and violating? DI Tanya Miller investigates but an ambitious new detective becomes her rival and threatens to undermine her efforts.

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Look out for books 4-5 in this series, BRAZEN ESCAPE and BLURRED LINES, which are available on Kindle and in paperback now!