Patricia Keyson

Pages: 148

Published: 07/07/2014
Publisher: The Book Folks

A wonderful historical romance which you won’t be able to put down

“A great read. Hope is a charming character who struggles with the constraints of Victorian society while she pursues both romantic and life fulfilment.” Beth Boyd

“ ***** What a brilliant novel! Really evokes the time and the place, and if you like Jane Austen I think you will enjoy this.” Jennifer Mellors

“A gloriously romantic book with real humour, you’ll love the will they/won’t they romance of Hope and the enigmatic Beaumont!” Sarah Michaels

Hope is an aristocratic young lady with unconventional attitudes to love and life. When she goes to stay with her starchy Aunt Constance in London, she meets the handsome but mysterious Beaumont who shares her rebellious spirit. In order to visit one of his magic lantern shows she dresses up as a man which leads to unexpected complications in their relationship. Will her Aunt Constance get in the way of their romance, and why does Beaumont repress his feelings for Hope? Find out in this beautifully written, funny, and heart-warming historical romance.