Pippa McCathie

Editions:Kindle - First Kindle edition: £1.99
Pages: 280
Paperback - First paperback edition: £8.99
ISBN: 978-1913516529
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 321

Published: 02/16/2021
Publisher: The Book Folks


Abigail Kendall’s busy London life is turned upside down by the unexpected news of an inheritance brought to her from Mauritius by Raj, the attorney of her deceased uncle. Adding to the confusion is Raj’s charm, which Abi finds hard to resist.

Faced with a difficult decision about the legacy entrusted to her, Abi is forced to confront a past she thought she had put behind her.

Journeying back to Mauritius, despite mixed feelings towards her roots, keeping her distance becomes increasingly harder, and the closer Abi gets to her painful memories, the more she comes to rely on Raj’s support.

With their bond growing stronger, will Abi make the right decision about the inheritance and her future?

THE ISLAND BRIEF is a beautiful romantic suspense set in London and Mauritius.

Pippa McCathie is the author of the best-selling mystery series that begins with MURDER IN THE VALLEYS, and the romance thriller LIBERATION DAY. All of her books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback.