THE IRISH MURDER MYSTERIES: Books 1-3 of the Dublin Homicides series

David Pearson

Editions:Kindle - First collected edition: £2.99
Pages: 650

Murder, mystery, and good police work in Ireland's capital city

Available exclusively on Kindle, this box set comprises the first three novels in David Pearson's bestselling Dublin-based crime fiction series, featuring detectives Fiona Moore and Aidan Burke.


A man killed in a desolate alley. A woman attacked in her home. Two detectives who must connect these events, and hunt down a killer who doesn’t give a damn.


A man is found dead in his car in a forest outside of Dublin. Very dead. There is quite a mess. The police suspect foul play and call in the detectives. It is not long before another body is found in the area. A full-scale murder inquiry is launched. Can DI Aidan Burke and DS Fiona Moore collar the killer?


A man killed in a house fire. Burned to death, but shot before the flames are set. When discovered, the weapon points to a China connection, but are detectives just being led away from a motive far closer to home?

If you like easy-going whodunits with great characters, an interesting setting and plots that will keep you guessing, you'll love these books!

All of these books are also available as single editions on Kindle, in paperback and on audio.

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