THE DEFIANT QUEEN – Arthurian romance

Lavinia Collins

Editions:Kindle - First Kindle edition: £1.99
Pages: 149

"A wonderful end to this Arthurian romance series, a gripping historical fantasy" Lindsey Burns

The Queen of the North’s sons are called to Camelot, and the cry on their lips is War.

Returning to Lothian, Queen Morgawse struggles to regain control of her old kingdom. With her husband absent and her adult sons called to Camelot to fight among King Arthur’s knights, she is vulnerable. Having been away and gained something of a reputation in Tintagel, fighting to assert her authority with the Highland lords and to protect herself proves difficult.

Morgawse focuses all of her energy on raising her youngest son, Mordred, and sheltering him from what others say about his birth. Still a young boy, people are suspicious and afraid of him. Must he too be wrought from her care and become a knight in Camelot?

THE DEFIANT QUEEN is the final part of the Morgawse Trilogy. One of four epic romances following the lives of women in Arthurian legend.