THE DAY OF DESTINY – Arthurian legend

Lavinia Collins

Pages: 160

“If you like Game of Thrones you will love this gripping historical romance.” Sandra Henson

“I was completely swept up in the story. Loved the twists and turns.” Jenny Worthing

“If you read one historical fantasy romance, make it this one.” George Simmons

A gripping medieval romance set in King Arthur’s court
Queen Guinevere’s love for Sir Lancelot knows no bounds. But when it becomes public, King Arthur faces no choice but to have her sentenced to death. Can Lancelot save her, and if he does will it bring down the kingdom?

The Day of Destiny is the third title in Lavinia Collins’ best-selling highly-acclaimed trilogy telling the legend of King Arthur’s court from Queen Guinevere’s unique perspective.

Reviews:Fizza on Intellectual Vixens wrote:

I loved this series, each book was better then the previous. And the climax was epic. I already mentioned how much I loved queen Guinevere as a narrator. It is the best version of this legend I’ve come across. The emotions are almost tangible and the way Lavinia has developed all the important characters is remarkable. There is a lot tension and passion which gives this story more depth.