Wayne Turmel

Editions:Kindle - Kindle Edition
ISBN: B01407R2H2
Pages: 370
Paperback - Paperback edition: £9.99
ISBN: 1517282772
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 370

Historical fiction at its best…

From the scorching desert to the freezing Midwest… a man struggles against the elements, himself and those around him.

Leading a motley crew of ‘experts’ deep into the Sahara, Count de Prorok is about to make a great discovery. The acclaim of the finding the missing tomb of an ancient queen will set him and his family up for life. But, when plotted against, the money dries up as quickly as the goodwill of his team, and in more ways than one, the Count appears to be stranded, and left to the elements.

The COUNT OF THE SAHARA is the story, recounted by his young assistant, of Count Byron de Prorok, a little known gentleman explorer of Africa in the 1920s. If you enjoy great historical fiction with a captivating plot, superb characters and a light sprinkling of humor, this book is for you!

Reviews:Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning wrote:

...the best historical fiction leaves you wanting to learn more and wondering where the history ended and the fiction began. Such is the case with this book...