Kathy Garthwaite

Editions:Kindle - First Kindle edition: £1.99
Pages: 164
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: 978-1913516079
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 204

Published: 08/24/2020
Publisher: The Book Folks


A peaceful day in Castlecrest, a coastal town on Vancouver Island, is interrupted when a gunshot rings out from a jewellery store.

Crime is so rare in the area that only RCMP Sergeant Marlowe Flint and a few others have any idea the sound came from a firearm.

Detective Flint runs to the shop where she finds the assistant dead amongst the shattered glass of the display cabinets. Although she is at the scene in minutes, there is no sign of the shooter.

As Flint tries to gather evidence, two theories emerge. That of a bungled robbery. Or a personal vendetta. She is not sure which is more worrying.

Potential witnesses at a café close to the store are tight-lipped when the police question them. And the strange behaviour of one of the waitresses, begins to point to the jealous boyfriend theory.

In fact, everyone, including the jewellery store owner, appears to have a secret to hide. But when Flint’s investigation finally gets to the truth, it will shock the small town to its core.

Kathy Garthwaite is the author of three other mysteries set in Canada. Check out Murder on Vancouver Island, Murder at Lake Ontario, and Murder on the Saanich Peninsula.

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