Ian Robinson

Editions:Kindle - First digital edition: £1.99
ISBN: B0977F98JD
Pages: 155
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: 978-1913516772
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 177

Published: 06/14/2021
Publisher: The Book Folks

Suspenseful and exciting! In SHOTS FIRED a specialist London murder team track a deadly weapon in the sticks.

When a ballistics report shows that a gun used in a Glasgow shooting is the same as the one used in a London murder three years previously, DI Nash and DC Moretti are quick on its heels. But they are met with little support from their Scottish colleagues.

Back in London, Nash’s team are disgruntled with their superior’s apparent jolly and the general course of the investigation. And cooperation is scarce. Even the London victim’s wife appears reluctant to help. The rare Beretta is the only clue to the murder, and Nash must find it.

A breakthrough is made when the weapon is connected to an incident in Northern Ireland. Once again Nash must leave her team to their own devices. But will Moretti, left in charge and finding a little too much solace in the bottle, deliver the support she needs?

SHOTS FIRED is the third book by Ian Robinson in a thrilling crime fiction series centring on a specialist London murder team.

This is a fast paced and realistic police procedural that you won’t want to put down.

Reviews:Mrs. J. Lobb on Amazon wrote:

Authentic and deeply intriguing, Shots Fired had me turning the pages until the early hours to see how the story unfolded. And I love the dynamic between Nash and Moretti. More please!