Mark West

Editions:Kindle - First collected edition: £2.99
Pages: 868

Whether holidaying by the beach or the pool, get ready to read some top-notch fiction with this box set of three superb psychological thrillers!

Three standalone novels set in an atmospheric, fictional English seaside location by master storyteller Mark West.


Nick can’t quite understand why his partner Beth acts so strangely when they head to her hometown by the sea for the funeral of a once-close friend. But Beth hasn’t told him everything about her past. Memories of one terrible summer will come flooding back to her. And with them, violence and revenge.


A short holiday at the end of summer should be a chance for sixteen-year-old Dan and his recently divorced mother to unwind. Yet despite quickly striking up new friendships, their break takes a nasty turn when a holiday worker is murdered. Dan becomes embroiled in events. Can he get out or is he in too deep?


A professional woman who is opposing the development of a golf course on a local coastal nature site finds her life falling into turmoil when someone begins to blackmail her with compromising photographs. Will she succumb to their demands or can she deliver the extorter into the arms of the law?

This box set is available FREE with Kindle Unlimited. All three of these books are also available separately on Kindle and in paperback.

A further three thriller novels by Mark West are also available on Amazon. They are: ONLY WATCHING YOU, THE HUNTER'S QUARRY, and A KILLER AMONGST US.

If you like captivating, nerve-tingling psychological thrillers that keep you on edge, you’ll absolutely love these books!