Bud Craig

Editions:Kindle - First Kindle edition: £1.99
ISBN: B089614H2L
Pages: 210
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: 978-1913516703
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 210

A private detective’s investigation into an affair hots up when the suspect is murdered

When a fight breaks out at a Boxing Day fancy dress party, attendee Gus Keane puts the fracas down to festive exuberance and too much booze, and thinks little more of the matter.

However, when Jerry Duckworth, one of combatants, later gets in touch and asks Keane for his services as a private investigator, it is soon apparent there was more to it.

Duckworth suspects financial advisor Adam Jennings is having an affair with his wife. Keane is tasked with following him, and finding evidence of his infidelity. But Jennings has a whole lot more to hide than an amorous liaison.

Unfortunately, the investigation into Jennings leads to complications. Not least when the latter is found murdered in his home.

Gus Keane must get to the bottom of a case involving infidelity, shady business deals, and a man who is leading a double life.

MAKING A KILLING is the fourth novel in a series of five by Bud Craig about social worker turned reluctant private detective Gus Keane.

These books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited. The first three books are available as a box set on Kindle and in paperback as SALFORD MURDERS.

Reviews:Beck Chadfield on Amazon wrote:

Gus Keane is back, thank goodness. I've missed his no-nonsense northern approach to crime solving and he didn't disappoint this time. Unlike so many of the sensationalist crime fiction out there Gus, his world, the crimes and how he solves them are all totally realistic and plausible which, for me, makes a much better read. The plot was pacy and the red herrings keep you guessing. The fact that Gus is something of a reluctant hero also makes him endearing. I hope he'll be back soon.