LOVE, LOSS and SECRETS – romantic suspense

Patricia Keyson

Editions:Kindle - first romantic suspense edition
Pages: 162

A romantic suspense by bestselling author Patricia Keyson

All her life people have been telling Gillian what to do, now it's time for her to work out what she really wants for herself.

After her husband's death, Gillian's first love comes back on the scene. But he has something to tell her that will destroy everything she thought she knew.
Meanwhile her daughter has shacked up with a new man, and Gillian's family seems on the verge of falling apart.
How will she cope and can she create a bright new future for herself and her family? And now she’s on her own, what does she really want from her life?
A trip to Italy, a new home, a new lover, or does she just want things back the way they were?