IGRAINE: magical historical fantasy romance by Lavinia Collins

Lavinia Collins

Editions:Kindle - First collected Kindle edition: £2.99
ISBN: B07C6NL434
Pages: 409
Paperback - First paperback edition: £9.99
ISBN: 978-1980847649
Size: 5.25x8 in
Pages: 407

Published: 04/14/2018
Publisher: The Book Folks

The epic tale of a woman who will use all her power to protect her son and make him King.

This collection of three books tells the story of King Arthur’s mother, Igraine, the conflict over the future king’s destiny between her and Merlin, and the struggle within a post-Roman Britain to mix past with present, Christianity with paganism, and magic with politics. Igraine is no passive bystander at court but a powerful political player, a wise and influential queen who reflects the strength and tenacity of the women of ancient Britain. Igraine's life has never before been told in detail. This is her story.

The Cornish Princess The King of Britain is dead, without a male heir. The politics of her country never mattered much to Igraine, until now, when they threatened to rob her of her home. When the witch Merlin tells her destiny will make her queen, a defiant Igraine refuses an offer of marriage from Uther, a rough soldier and unlikely pretender for the throne, but destiny cannot be avoided and the harder she fights it, the more brutal it will be when it comes.

The Prisoner Queen Freshly widowed, with a child she can’t possibly have in safety and two grieving daughters, Igraine must negotiate the dangerous politics of a court in turmoil, unsure of if she is its new queen or a prisoner. With Uther’s promises not yet kept, and him slipping further under Merlin’s control, to protect her unborn child, her daughters and the home she has left behind, Igraine is forced to make deals with friends she knows are not to be trusted.

Mother of the King With her son lost and Merlin back at court, Igraine fights for control of the kingdom. Uther is broken by grief, weakening and dying, and Igraine is locked in a conflict with the wizard over the destiny of her son. In this battle there can be only one survivor, and Igraine has not survived the dangers of court to give up now.

If you enjoy epic fantasy adventures like Game of Thrones, with a romantic twist, this book is for you.