FOUR SEASONS – Keyson romance collection

Patricia Keyson

Pages: 518

FOUR SEASONS: ROMANCE BOOKS BOXED SET, four gripping novels you won't want to put down

“Four romance novels by Patricia Keyson. A romance book for every season: spring, summer, fall, and winter. With Keyson’s trademark engaging and believable characters, delightful dilemmas, and exciting romance.”

“A romance book with a charming riverside setting and very believable characters.” Beth Boyd, bestselling author of Love

“Can Cherry sort out her feelings for hotel owner Oliver and find a great place to live with her son?” Michelle Bright

Single mum Cherry’s life is a bit of a disaster: her job and her home are under threat, and she needs a stable place for her son to live. She’s living secretly in the hotel where she works, and now she’s falling in love with the new owner, Oliver. Meanwhile, his charming brother Darius is flirtatious and a lot easier to get to know. Can Cherry solve her problems and find new love this spring?

“A great romance novel, you’ll love this heartwarming story set in the Spanish Sun! Couldn’t put it down.” Clare Barnes

Dee is a young English woman who’s vowed not to fall for another charming Mediterranean man. Then she meets handsome Freddie while working at the Hotel Paradiso on the idyllic Spanish Coast. However his charming Uncle Miguel comes between them, and seems to endanger Dee’s friend Karen. Has Dee found her perfect match with Freddie or will Miguel mess it all up? Find out in this full length holiday romance which will keep you busy reading by the pool!

"A real page turner and a great read!" Julie

Suzi is a young school teacher who has lost her beloved husband. When a new and difficult kid, Tom, joins her class, Suzi is immediately attracted to his father Cameron. But handsome Cameron’s situation is complicated and Suzi isn’t sure she is ready for love. Will they work it out or has the perfect man come too soon for Suzi?

“A delightful winter romance that will warm your heart on a cold night. Made me wish I was snowed in with a cute guy.” Sarah Williams

Far from spending a cosy Christmas with her highflying boyfriend the arrogant Douglas, aspiring actress Megan finds herself snowbound in a cottage in the beautiful but frozen Highlands of Scotland. Prepared to stick it out the snow melts, Megan is surprised by a knock on the door by the handsome Jamie, also stranded in the snowy wilderness. With little in the way of Christmas treats to share between them, they survive and prosper with Jamie's wit and Megan's creativity. But come the melting of the ice and a return to the real world, will they find a way to continue the fun they shared in each other's company?

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