BROWN BREAD – a dark comedy

Pete Brassett

Editions:Kindle - Second digital edition
Pages: 97
Paperback - First paperback edition: £4.99
ISBN: 978-1913516635
Size: 5x8 in
Pages: 97

Published: 02/03/2015
Publisher: The Book Folks

A hilarious dark comedy about a family who seem to get away with murder

Most families have a problem with their freezer at some point or other. So too the Benardinos. Yet their problem is of a very unusual nature. Despite running out of places to store the bodies of previous unwelcome guests, gin-soaked mother Virginia has organised a party to celebrate her fifty-fourth birthday. Will anyone get out alive?

BROWN BREAD is a laugh-out-loud light-hearted satirical take on a genre that the whole family can enjoy. Not literally of course!