Diane Dickson

Editions:Kindle - First Kindle Edition: £1.99
Pages: 239
Paperback - First paperback edition: £6.99
ISBN: 1983287709
Size: 8x8 in
Pages: 239

Published: 06/18/2018
Publisher: The Book Folks

A mutilated corpse dressed as a bride, a psychopathic killer hell-bent on furthering his macabre game, and a woman detective who stands by her instincts.

When a woman disappears from a motorway service station, DI Charlie Lambert struggles to make any headway finding her. Missing person specialist DI Tanya Miller is called in to take over the investigation, but when it becomes a murder inquiry, she too is threatened with replacement.

With a suspected serial killer on the loose, DI Miller must quickly muster her ad hoc team into action. But suspicions about the outsider are rife, and any delay might end in disaster. Is the young detective, woman in a man’s world, up to the task?

After the missing woman’s body is found, mutilated and dressed in a wedding gown, the investigation closes in on the missing woman’s partner. He was certainly present at the time of her disappearance and had a possible motive. But following her instincts, Miller is not so sure. And when another woman goes missing, she takes the matter personally.

Will Miller find the perpetrator before he strikes again?

Based in Oxfordshire and the Midlands this detective murder mystery is the first in a series of five set in the heart of England. If you enjoy crime fiction with plenty of twists and full of suspense, BROKEN ANGEL is for you.

Reviews:Gail Cleare wrote:

Diane Dickson’s new thriller BROKEN ANGEL is an edge-of-your-seat mystery about a team of British detectives hunting for a psychopathic killer. The tension grows along with the list of missing women, and Dickson’s expert brush paints a layered and nuanced novel that holds our rapt attention. She reveals clues with perfect timing, deepens her characters by revealing their inner lives, and surprises us at the end, just when we thought we’d figured it all out. The perfect murder mystery, with just the right amount of everything. — Gail Cleare, USA Today bestselling author of The Taste of Air