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We are an independent publisher of books, established in 2013, proud to produce fiction to traditional high standards in the digital age.

Our mission

We deliver readers compelling fiction at affordable prices whilst giving fair returns to authors.

We cater mostly for crime fiction, mystery and thriller readers. But please explore our other genres.

All our books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback.

Our team

Erik Empson (BA, PhD)

Tarek Salhany (BA, MA)
Clova Perez-Corral (BA)
Polly Phipps-Holland (BA, MA)

Marketing & communications
Jessica White (BA, MFA)

Marianna Cage (BA, MSc)

Steve French (BA)

Web design and site maintenance
Paul Clark (BSc)
Tiffany Peir Sim (BSc)

Arianna Bove (BA, MA, PhD, PGCAP, Dip)

If you have a novel you think we should see, visit our submissions page.

Who is behind The Book Folks?

The Book Folks is dedicated to driving the very best fiction forward, offering readers in the literary fiction and crime and thriller genres the very best of contemporary writing.

Erik Empson has worked as a book, journal and magazine editor for many years. He has a background in the academia, having taught political science, sociology and business studies at the University of London and further afield. Combining his skills in the capacity of a publisher he is dedicated to producing the best in contemporary fiction.

THE BOOK FOLKS is run by COLD PEAK MEDIA LTD., which is owned by the publisher.

We are members of the Independent Publishers Guild.

*As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.
** We are an ABC affiliate for books on audiobooks.com

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