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Gone But Not preorder

GONE BUT NOT, the second psychological thriller by talented Australian writer Shane Spyre, is now available on pre-order for release on 6th May. Pick up this thought-provoking and mind-twisting thriller now, and look forward to a wonderful night in being taken on a journey you won’t easily forget.

If you like simple boy-meets-girl, butler-did-it mysteries with bland, cardboard cut out characters and bread-machine prose, you will absolutely hate this book. If unreliable narrators baffle you, and you can’t get your head around stories told from different points of view, you’ll despise it. If post-modernity passed you by, and you are stolidly marching grandly forth on a linear narrative from cradle to grave, it will confuse you.

If, on the other hand, you want to be taken on a journey that will bounce you around, disorientate you, make you question your own sanity, and make you question the sanity of others, you’ll love it. If you are curious about the world, about other people, about life beyond the threshold, it will delight you. If you like being intellectually challenged, and read not just to ignore the fading light, but to innervate your every day, you’ll be begging for more.

Taken to a police station after being separated from her mother, Iris is told an unbelievable story: that her name is actually Charlotte and she’s been missing for two years.

She is taken to a home she doesn’t recognise. To a family she doesn’t recognise. To a mother she doesn’t recognise.

Gradually Iris starts to doubt everything, especially herself. She’ll have to find a way to the truth. But woe betide her when she gets there…

GONE BUT NOT will be released on 6th May 2024. Pre-order it on Kindle now for just £1.99 or $2.99.


If you can’t wait, check out Shane Spyre’s debut novel, WHICH CHILD.

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