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We’re delighted to announce the brand new mystery series THE WEXFORD HOMICIDES by bestselling Irish author David Pearson. Following six books set in his hometown of Dublin and fifteen set in Galway, David has turned his creative talents to this new detective series in another wonderful part of the country.

The setting

Wexford and neighbouring Waterford are sleepy parts of Ireland, and that’s saying something! However, with the increase in links with the Continent following Brexit, the area is undergoing some changes. Yet anyone turning up in Rosslare where the first book, THE FERRY PORT MYSTERY, is set, will soon fall in love with the timeless tranquility of the landscape, with its beautiful sandy coves and gently undulating hills. The author explains:

“I thought it was time to give some other areas of Ireland a look in! Wexford is a beautiful county, and enjoys the benefit of much better weather than the rest of Ireland. The wide variety of landscape and seascape, as well as the range of industries that are to be found in Wexford make it a fertile ground for different criminal activities.

The detective

In both of David’s previous series it has been a woman detective who has assumed most of the caseload and there is no change with THE WEXFORD HOMICIDES. But his DI Vikki Kirkby is bolshier, younger, and with a lot more to prove.

“In the new series, I have cast the protagonist as a somewhat hard-done-by but hard-working Detective Inspector, who struggles to prove her value in a male dominated workplace.”

The plots and themes

Ever so easy to read, David’s books are always packed with local character and a light sprinkling of humour. The plots are always deeply connected with the goings-on in the various locales. In the first book a couple’s murder leads DI Kirkby to focus in on the ferry port of Rosslare, where not everything is entirely above board. In the second, it is the robbery of a building society in the centre of the county town of Wexford, and the murder of its manager, that kick-starts the investigation.

When you read David’s books, you enter Ireland by the backdoor and don’t want to leave.

The books

THE FERRY PORT MYSTERY is available on Kindle, and in paperback and hardback from Amazon now. The second book in the series, THE EMPTY SAFE MYSTERY, is on pre-order for 27th November.

Smarting after taking the rap for a botched investigation in Dublin, Detective Inspector Vikki Kirkby is stationed in the county town of Wexford in the sleepy south of Ireland. But she is soon up against her bosses and the distrustful local Garda, when they don’t agree with her that the death of a local couple is suspicious. Will a handsome local businessman become the ally she needs?

For details about all of David Pearson’s titles, and links to purchase them, head to his author page.

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