PEAK KILL: Introducing our debut thriller by Riall Nolan

Announcing the release of Riall Nolan's Murder Mountain

A fugitive from justice, an impossible mission, and a taste for murder

When we received a slew of action adventure thrillers from Riall Nolan in our inbox, it wasn’t long before we knew we had to publish them. All work stopped as we were picked up and carried on a journey to far-flung places, reliving in a story with adult themes, all of the excitement of childhood adventure stories: baddies chasing goodies, honourable tribesman, deceitful compatriots, blood thirsty villains and a hero who won’t let up.

Hence we are delighted to announce the publication of the first of these novels: MURDER MOUNTAIN. Download this book and get ready for the trip of your lifetime if you are in for a thrill, like a perfectly plotted thriller, or want to explore the world from the comfort of your home, .

This edge-of-your-seat pageturner is written by world-renowned Professor of Anthropology, Riall Nolan. After years spent in remote corners of the world studying man in his habitat, and trekking through inhospitable terrain, the author has turned his capable mind to writing fiction. You will not find a more exciting read than MURDER MOUNTAIN, unless of course you pick up one of his forthcoming releases!

Nail-biting? You’ll chew your fingers off!

Hiding away in a remote corner of Papua New Guinea, odd jobbing as a photographer and trek guide, ex-mountaineer Peter Blake stays under the radar. Given he’s wanted by the FBI, it’s a wise move.

But when a shady character who “deals in information” approaches him, flanked by a couple of heavies, Peter’s luck begins to wane. Amos Sanford knows about his dodgy past as an environmental activist and has found a way to use it.

Under threat of being handed over to the bureau, Peter agrees to help a team head into the remote Star Mountains range to retrieve part of a fallen satellite containing valuable data.

But the motley crew of techies and thugs are ill-prepared for the dangerous terrain. And anything but united. Worse, they are not the only people on the mountain, seeking the prize.

It seems like an impossible mission. And that’s just the staying alive part. What will befall Peter when man and nature throw all they have against him?

You may have read action thrillers by Lee Child, Mark Dawson, and Wilbur Smith.  You may have read mountaineering books like BEYOND POSSIBLE, TOUCHING THE VOID, THE WHITE SPIDER, or INTO THIN AIR. When these two genres collide, you have Riall Nolan’s MURDER MOUNTAIN. Prepare to be seriously entertained!

FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback and hardback.

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