Can you solve the mystery? SEAT 97 by Tony Bassett

SEAT 97 by Tony Bassett

Put your sleuthing skills to the test with our new release SEAT 97 by Tony Bassett, and see if you can solve the mystery. This totally gripping standalone crime mystery set in London will keep you guessing until the end.

SEAT 97 is only 0.99 for launch and FREE with Kindle Unlimited!

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A man who had it coming, or mistaken identity?

People are finding their seats for a soul concert when a shot rings out. David Barron crumples to the floor. Next to him, journalist Nick Colton and his wife, Greta, step in to help.

The assassin quickly escapes from the building. Realising this might be the scoop of his life, Nick rushes after him.

Although the man evades him – perhaps a good thing, seeing as he is holding a gun – Nick is determined to find the killer. Despite the misgivings of the police.

So who was David Barron and why was he shot? Why was he holding the lethal ticket for Seat 97?

Can you work out the mystery?

This is a totally gripping standalone crime mystery set in London that will keep you guessing.

Tony Bassett is the author of the Detectives Roy and Roscoe crime fiction series set in the Midlands. His books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback from Amazon.

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