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LOST TO THE LAKE by Anna Willett

White Mist Lake Retreat is the perfect place for a couple’s getaway. Yet Beth and Marty Jacobsen are grappling with more than marital problems. Having survived a home invasion, Beth is desperate to put their life back on track. Desperate enough to agree to do the unthinkable for the man she loves.

MURDER OF A DOCTOR by Tony Bassett

Police search for people seen near the scene of a doctor’s murder. And it seems like an open and shut case when a father with a grievance against him can be placed nearby. But Detective Sergeant Sunita Roy wants to dig deeper, and with an internal affairs investigation ongoing, she’ll have to tread carefully.


When loner Jason is invited by an attractive girl to a luxury private pool party on Nairn’s seafront, he can’t quite believe his luck. But when he learns the next day that someone was murdered during the event, things take a turn for the worse. As an outsider, he falls under suspicion. Can he find out who the killer is and prove his innocence?

DON’T GO BACK by Mark West

Beth’s partner Nick can’t quite understand why she acts so strangely when they return to her hometown for the funeral of a once-close friend. But she hasn’t told him everything about her past. Memories of one terrible summer will come flooding back to her. And with them, violence and revenge.


Investigating a cold case about a missing person, DCI Gawn Girvin stumbles upon another unsolved crime. A murder. But that is just the start of her problems. The clues point to powerful people who will stop at nothing to protect themselves, and some look like they’re dangerously close to home.

WHAT WE DID LAST NIGHT by Vanessa Garbin

When a group of close friends decide to hold a partner-swapping key party one night, it is meant to be “just a bit of fun”. No obligations, but no strings attached. And anything that does happen will remain under wraps. But things quickly start to unravel, with utterly deadly consequences.

BODY IN THE SQUAT by Diane M. Dickson

After a bungled drugs raid, DI Jordan Carr suspects a mole in the force. In a Liverpool suburb, he encounters DS Stella May who is leading a murder inquiry. She has few leads apart from an old woman who fancies herself as something of a clairvoyant. Can May convince Carr to support her line of investigation, no matter how odd it seems?


When a relationship coach is found dead, apparently electrocuted by a coffee maker, civilian investigator Lucia Steer makes short work of a killer’s attempt to hide a murder. But finding out who was so ready to kill in cold blood will take some clever sleuthing.

VITAL SIGNS by Candy Denman

When bodies of migrants begin to wash up on England’s south coast, police doctor Callie Hughes has the unenviable task of inspecting them. But one body stands out to her as different. Convinced that finding the victim’s identity will help crack a people smuggling ring, she decides to start her own investigation – stirring up a hornets’ nest.

GONE TO THE DOGS by Nicola Clifford

Reporter Stacey Logan is looking into the case of a missing teenager, but she can’t help but put her nose into her boyfriend, Detective Ben James’ murder investigation. Tensions within the community reach fever pitch as events come to a head.

IMPIOUS by Ray Clark

It could be detectives Gardener and Reilly’s most disturbing case yet when a body with head, limbs and torso assembled from different victims is discovered. Alongside it is a cryptic message and a chess piece. A killer wants to take the cops on a journey. And force their hand.


A man is found dead, cruelly crucified. Having recently turned up in the small rural community, a strange evangelist group quickly falls under suspicion. But are they just easy targets? Veteran crime solver DCI Jack Harris and his team must crack the case and solve the mystery.

SUFFER THE CHILDREN by Cheryl Rees-Price

When a toddler goes missing from the family home, the police and community come out in force to find her. However, with few traces found after an extensive search, DI Winter Meadows fears the child has been abducted. But someone knows something, and when a man is found dead, the race is on to solve the puzzle.

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