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RISE TO THE FLY by Cheryl Rees-Price

When the bodies of a retired couple are found by a reservoir, the police are concerned to discover fishing flies have been impaled on their tongues. After they find nothing in the couple’s past to indicate a reason for the murder, they begin to look local. What will they turn up in this dark and secluded corner of Wales?


Stumped in a multiple murder investigation, with the only clue being a perfume bottle top left at a crime scene, DCI Gawn Girvin must wait for a serial killer to make a wrong move. Unless she puts herself in the firing line…

SHE by Pete Brassett

Scottish detective Munro and rookie sergeant West must act fast to capture a woman serial killer stalking London. With her accomplice collared, it should be easy to locate her. Yet establishing her true identity proves difficult, and finding her, even harder.


When an overbearing patriarch and much begrudged ex-army officer is found dead in his home, there is no shortage of suspects. DCI Matt Lambert investigates, but struggles with a lack of evidence. He’ll have to rely on his former boss, ex-detective Fabia Havard, to help him. But will their fractious relationship get in the way of solving the case? 

DEAD OF NIGHT by Robert McNeill

When a philandering French college lecturer is killed and unceremoniously dumped in a canal, DI Jack Knox soon discovers there is no shortage of spurned lovers and jealous husbands who might have done it. He sets about collaring the culprit, but will his efforts be thwarted by unfair complaints made about the investigation?

THE LIES I TOLD HIM by Vanessa Garbin

When Daphne’s teenage son returns from a party, distraught, he refuses to tell his mother what’s up. But someone has filmed him in a compromising situation with a girl, and they are using it to get what they want. As Daphne tries to solve the problem, her own past comes back to haunt her and place everything she holds dear in jeopardy.


When two elderly individuals pass away, it is not an unusual occurrence for seaside town doctor and medical examiner Callie Hughes. But she notices that both of the deceased had a suitcase packed, and her suspicions are aroused. Who is the killer that is prematurely taking them to their final destination?

FROZEN MINDS by Cheryl Rees-Price

When the boss of a care home for mentally challenged adults is murdered, the residents are not the most reliable of witnesses. DI Winter Meadows draws on his soft nature to gain the trust of an individual he believes saw the crime. But without unravelling the mystery and finding the evidence, the case will freeze over.

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