Incredible 99p crime fiction deals for UK readers on Kindle

Incredible 99p crime fiction deals for UK readers on Kindle

Great 99p Kindle deals on bestselling crime fiction. That means up to 66% off the RRP! The offer is available in the United Kingdom until the end of July.

PLANE DEAD by David Pearson

A plane lands at Dublin airport with a dead passenger – poisoned, and for once not by the inflight menu. Detective Fiona Moore is sure he’s been murdered. But she’ll have to take on much of the investigation herself as her immediate superior, DI Aidan Burke, has other things on his mind – mainly the attractive Swedish co-pilot!


At first, when a woman’s battered body is reported to police by her husband, it looks like a bungled robbery. But the investigation begins to turn up disturbing links with past crimes. They are dealing with a killer who is expert at concealing his identity. Will they get to him before a vigilante set on revenge?


After apparently defrauding wealthy investors of a serious amount of money, a financial advisor is found dead on a residential street in Edinburgh. DI Jack Knox, his team already under pressure to catch a serial rapist, must tread carefully to follow the financial trail that might lead to the killer. But will the events that ensue prove too much even for him?

DEAR NEIGHBOUR by Anna Willett

Amy has hopes of a brighter future when she moves in with her shady but alluring boyfriend. As her relationship deteriorates, she develops a friendship with an older couple who live close by. Jealous and greedy, the boyfriend determines to upset things, and events quickly spiral out of Amy’s control. Utterly gripping from start to finish!

RUSE by Pete Brassett

When the barmaid of an ailing pub is found murdered in the toilets, Scottish detectives struggle to find a motive. And their workload gets heavier when during a series of brazen heists, robbers get away with luxury goods. Trouble is afoot. Will DI Charlie West crack the case without relying on wise retired cop DI James Munro?


After a man’s body is found with strange markings on his back, DCI Girvin and her team try to establish his identity. Convinced they are dealing with a personally motivated crime, the trail leads them to a group of people involved in a pop band during their youth. Will the killer face the music or get off scot-free?


After separating from her cheating husband, Claire begins to feel watched. She nearly gets run over and someone daubs a hangman symbol on a wall near her house. As letters begin to get added to the game, she’ll need to find the identity of her stalker before they raise the stakes.

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