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BOUND TO RUN by Robert McCracken: A romantic getaway in a remote Lake District cottage turns into a desperate fight for survival for Alex Chase. If she can get away from her pursuer, and that’s a big if, she’ll be able to concentrate on the burning question in her mind: how to get revenge.



VITAL SIGNS by Candy Denman: When bodies of migrants begin to wash up on England’s south coast, police doctor Callie Hughes has the unenviable task of inspecting them. But one body stands out to her as different. Convinced that finding the victim’s identity will help crack a people smuggling ring, she decides to start her own investigation – stirring up a hornets’ nest.



UNWELCOME GUESTS by Anna Willett: Caitlin seeks to build bridges with her husband after the loss of their baby. Unfortunately, their holiday getaway turns into a nightmare when they find a man held hostage in the cellar. When the house owner turns up, armed and dangerous, Caitlin will have to quickly decide whom she should trust.



NO REFUGE by Nicola Clifford: Reporter Stacey Logan has little to worry about other than the town flower festival when a man is shot dead. When she believes the police have got the wrong man, she does some snooping of her own. But will her desire for a scoop lead her to a place where there is no refuge?



DEPTHS OF DECEPTION by Diane Dickson: Young real estate agent Jed meets a quirky but attractive young woman called Libby. She promises to land him a valuable deal, but things start to go wrong and his job and livelihood are suddenly under threat. Jed will have to work out whom he can trust, but may be already in way too deep!



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