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Ten of our 2021 releases at just 99p in the UK only until 6th January. All free with Kindle Unlimited worlwide.

Special deals on some of our 2021 releases, available on Kindle in the UK only until 6th January! RRP elsewhere but remember, all our books are FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

BODY BY THE DOCKS by Diane Dickson

DI Jordan Carr appears set on a collision course with his boss when he prioritizes finding a missing woman over a murder inquiry. Will his instincts prove right, or will he make the biggest mistake of his career?

LETHAL DOSE by Robert McCracken

Investigating the death of a journalist, DI Tara Grogan stumbles upon his connection to a number of missing women. Is it possible the victim was actually a serial killer? Tara closes in on the truth but can she evade a fatal jab?

THE CHINA CHAPTER by David Pearson

An airport worker is killed, and evidence points to a connection with air freight coming from Shanghai. When a US agent turns up in Dublin, detectives suddenly have an international murder investigation on their hands.


When ex-lawyer, now interior designer, Lucia Steer accepts a job renovating a large London house, she has no idea she’ll discover the owner dead. Lucia is determined to unlock the secret of this closed room mystery, no matter the trouble she’ll inevitably land in.

COVER BLOWN by Ian Robinson

A London advertising executive is found dead in her bath. Soon another woman is killed in similar circumstances. DI Nash and DS Moretti are hunting a killer, but finding a link between the victims is the only lead. What is it about their social media accounts that makes them a target?


Stumped in a multiple murder investigation, with the only clue being a perfume bottle top left at a crime scene, DCI Gawn Girvin must wait for a serial killer to make a wrong move. Unless she puts herself in the firing line…

PENURY by Pete Brassett

A property developer is found dead after acquiring a hotel. The last person to see her alive is murdered shortly after. DI James Munro assists DI Charlotte West’s team and the inexperienced DI Greg Byrne as they unravel a web of lies.

THE SILENT VOICES by Robert McCracken

When bodies turn up on a Liverpool council estate, DI Tara Grogan goes undercover to get inside information. But she risks everything when the cover story she adopts backfires. Can she work out the identify of the killer before she is exposed and becomes a target?


When a librarian and rare book dealer is shot dead in her home, Irish detectives are stumped for a motive. After suspicion falls on her gun-toting family, it will take all of their investigative powers to read between the lines and catch the killer in their midst.

HUBRIS by Pete Brassett

A sheep farmer gets the shock of his life when he boards a stranded vessel. What he finds there will kick off a murder investigation involving a missing girl and a sailor who hasn’t the stomach for life. DI Charlie West leads the inquiry in a tight-knit Scottish fishing community.

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