Murder Sky High on Kindle

After writing three novels during lockdown, teacher and scholar Linda Hagan has her second book published!

The first, The Perfume Killer, was published in July and has regularly occupied the top spot in amazon.co.uk’s charts for Northern Ireland crime fiction. It’s already sold over 5,000 copies since its release. Just out, Murder Sky High is quickly following suit.

Aged 70, Linda has shown it is not too late to follow your life’s passion and has rekindled a flair for storytelling that has been with her since childhood.

Commenting on how she penned these books over such a short period, Linda said today:

“Writing provided a daily escape for me during lockdown when life became very restricted. Seeing my book in print is a lifelong dream come true.”

Both books are murder mysteries set in Belfast. Ex-army woman cop DCI Gawn Girvin looks for clues to solve perplexing cases, whether a perfume bottle top or a needleprick wound in a dead passenger’s arm.

Publisher Erik Empson of The Book Folks said today, “We’re always looking to fulfil the increasing demand for authentic, location specific crime fiction with a strong regional voice. Linda’s books fit this to a tee.”

Both books, The Perfume Killer and Murder Sky High, are available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle, FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

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