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Author David Pearson’s twelfth book in his Galway murder mystery series recounts the very tragic demise of a rare book seller. Can Detective Maureen Lyons read between the lines and catch a killer?

The small west coast Irish town of Clifden is awoken from its slumber when a gun is fired during the night. The unfortunate recipient of its fare is Ann Sweeney, a librarian and dealer in rare books

The victim declared dead, Inspector Maureen Lyons tries to establish why someone in such a harmless profession might be murdered so callously.

With the absence of a motive, the Gardaí detectives focus on the murder weapon and Sweeney’s associates.

The strange antics of her family and their fondness for shotguns causes the police some concern.

But perhaps the secret lies in the books themselves. Was there more to Ann Sweeney than just a love of reading?

MURDER IN A SEASIDE TOWN is the twelfth book in a bestselling series of Galway based murder mysteries.

Out now on Kindle and in paperback. Just 0.99 for launch:


Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/3hFhe3z

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/3xkVJM0

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