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No Refuge by Nicola Clifford

Introducing NO REFUGE, the debut novel by Nicola Clifford
Nicola Clifford

With the poor weather and terrible phone reception around this author’s mid-Wales mountainside cottage it is a wonder that this wonderful book arrived at all. But here it is, an exciting murder mystery with a dynamic crime solver duo set in a small town in Powys.

* * *

Having little to report on other than the upcoming flower festival and rumours of a royal visit to her small town, Mid Wales journalist Stacey Logan suddenly has her hands full when a local man and his dog are shot dead.

Seeing as her boyfriend Ben James is a detective in the local force, Stacey gets a closer view of the action than most. Despite their proximity to an army firing range, an accidental death is quickly ruled out.

But Stacey’s chances of a scoop are dashed when, following another shooting in the Llandovery area, important elements of the case are leaked to the national press.

With Stacey’s editor putting on the pressure, she decides to do a little more investigating of her own. But given the concerns about the royal visit, suspicions about a mole in the force, and with Scotland Yard now involved, she will have to tread carefully.

Will trying to find the identity of the shooter upset Stacey’s relationship with her boyfriend before the police make an arrest? Or when she believes they have the wrong man, will her sleuthing have a far more dangerous outcome?

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