DCI Jack Harris returns in KILL SHOT, a new Pennine murder mystery by John Dean

Kill Shot by John Dean

KILL SHOT by John Dean

City criminals get more than they bargained for when they stumble into rural DCI Jack Harris’ patch

When a pair of hen harriers return to nest in the grouse moors of the northern Pennines, Detective Jack Harris is as eager as most to protect the rare birds.
John Dean
But when a bird watcher on a vigil is shot dead, the locals are up in arms. The landowner and organizer of shooting on the nearby hills is the target of their suspicion and ire.
With the community divided, DCI Jack Harris must tread a fine line investigating the murder. As he delves into the cloudy affairs of the victim, the owner of a freight company, he realizes much more is at stake.
It is one thing to get the facts straight, another to bring the perpetrator to justice. That requires delicate handling but Harris has a habit of letting his maverick streak get the better of him.
The detective has a big target in his sights. Will he take the risk?
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KILL SHOT is the eight DCI Jack Harris Pennine murder mystery. It can be enjoyed on its own or as part of the series. The full list of books is as follows:
1. Dead Hill
2. The Vixen’s Scream
3. To Die Alone
4. To Honour the Dead
5. Thou Shalt Kill
6. Error of Judgement
7. The Killing Line
8. Kill Shot
All of these books are free with Kindle Unlimited and available in paperback from Amazon.
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