SINISTER CRIMES, a box set of three gripping thrillers by Australian author Anna Willett

sinister crimes - a box set of Anna Willett's thrillers


Anna Willett

Buckle up for a thrilling white-knuckle journey in Australia with these three superb standalone titles in one box set out now on Kindle.

SINISTER CRIMES – a box set of three of Anna Willett’s gripping standalone thrillers set in Australia.

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When your best friend makes you question who you are

A reunion with her friend, Rhetty, in a sleazy bar triggers a series of disturbing flashbacks for Gloria: events that occurred four years previously when a woman they’d met was killed. Rhetty encourages Gloria to visit the site where the woman died. Gloria is compelled to go along to understand the strange memories that are beginning to re-emerge. But doing so will put her in danger and force her to confront an awful episode in her past.


When a man picks on the wrong woman

Mina didn’t have a great upbringing. In fact, her father made her life hell. She got over him, but as a result has become a tough woman, one with little sympathy for the meek girl who wants to befriend her at night school. But when a man decides to threaten them, a whole load of repressed anger begins to resurface.


You can forget your past, but it doesn’t always forget you

Of poor eyesight and confined to a wheelchair after a road accident, a successful author is alone in her house. She begins to hear strange noises, but is relieved when a care assistant arrives. However, her problems are only just beginning as she is left to the mercy of someone with a grudge to bear. The question for Belle is who, and why?

SINISTER CRIMES comprises the fourth, fifth and sixth standalone novels by Australian author Anna Willett. A must for every thriller reader’s collection. It is exclusive to Kindle and free with Kindle Unlimited. The books are available separately on Kindle and in paperback.

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