Three wicked Irish crime fiction titles in one bumper set on Kindle

The Galway Homicides books 7-9

The last three books in The Galway Homicides series by David Pearson

David Pearson

A must for serious crime fiction readers: three Irish murder mysteries in one box set

Available exclusively on Kindle, this box set comprises the third set of three novels in David Pearson’s hugely popular crime fiction series, featuring detectives Maureen Lyons and Mick Hays.

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A local businessman is questioned when a young woman is found dead in his property. His caginess makes him a prime suspect in what turns into a murder inquiry. But with no clear motive and no evidence, detectives will have a hard task proving their case. They’ll have to follow the money, even if it leads them into danger.


When a body is found in a car on a remote beach, detectives suspect foul play. Their investigation leads them to believe the death is connected to corruption in local government. But rather than have to hunt down the killer, he approaches them. With one idea in mind: revenge. Working out against whom and why will be key to stopping him in his tracks.


One of the highlights of Ireland’s horseracing calendar is marred when a successful bookmaker is robbed and killed in the restrooms. DI Maureen Lyons investigates but is not banking on a troublemaker emerging from within the police ranks. Her team will have to deal with the shenanigans and catch a killer.

If you like easy-to-read whodunits full of twists, you’ll love these books!

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These books are also available in single volumes on Kindle and in paperback.

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